STRAINS INCLUDE, Creoles ,,Rose Dulautric, Cuban Red,  French red Rose ,Spanish Morada  Burgandy, Creole red ,French Germadour, Native Creole ,

 Spanish Bennitte,,, ROCOMBOLES Montana Giant, Osage, Chamisil Wild, Cherokee, Puple It. Ontario Purplr Trilliam PURPLE STRIPES persian Star, Shattila, Telk , GLASED PURPLES Puple Glazer,, Red Rezan   MARBLED STRIPES  Brown Vespar   Duganski, Siberian ,Metechi, Bogatyr ,Brown Tempest Bzenk., Estonian Red SILVERSKINS  Siskiyou Purle 

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joe | Reply 04.11.2013 21.47

do you have any cuban purple left

Robert | Reply 23.10.2013 01.35

Do you know anyone with Floha or Paw Paw garlic? Those are the last 2 I need. Even loose cloves would help. Thanks!

Lindsay Hutchinson | Reply 28.05.2013 19.19

Poul- do you have any German Red hardneck garlic? Do you keep any scapes on your production to produce bulbils?

Karen Formost | Reply 05.05.2013 15.03

Hey Poul! I got mixed up and booked a room on the 19th- thought that was the garlic festival date! Anything going on on May 19th? If not will try to change date

Poul Palmer | Reply 01.05.2013 08.26

my stand is open may 18th through oct or when i sell out courner of grand and jonata st opens at noon

Margarita Jacobo | Reply 29.04.2013 13.10

your garlic festival in May 18, unfortunately won't be able to go, but is there a place in Los Olivos that sells your garlic? We would like to go Sun May 19...

Ryan C. | Reply 23.04.2013 11.30

How soon do I need to order to ensure I can get some of your unique garlic? You have an amazing selection.

Poul Palmer 23.04.2013 20.23

give me a call about may 20th i,m just starting to pull heads

Poulpalmer | Reply 24.09.2012 22.28

Deb....talked to u earlyer,, thai purple should do fine but we need to get u some good hardnecks

Deborah Groves | Reply 24.09.2012 20.40

I am pleased that you responded in such a timely manner. Would you please send info containing price for the Cuban Red, Thai Purple, and hymalian red/packastein

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13.04 | 13:05

will your festival be going saturday and sunday? I talked with you about this a few months back at Artiste, but don't recall if it's on-going all weekend

10.04 | 21:14

are you open for bizz.this weekend.

25.03 | 18:05

How do I order your garlic? Any suggestions on varieties/quantities for home cooking? We can't come in person as we usually do and hope to stock up!!

25.02 | 19:48

My name means 'garlic'. Looking forward to May 17.

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